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Meet the Team

Without a doubt, our biggest assets here at Wing Kingz are our people. From our waiters and chefs to our management team, everyone plays a huge role in creating the fantastic customer service and personal touch that have made our restaurants a success.

As a franchise, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise we can share with our partners, and are 100% dedicated to giving our franchisees the best possible support so that they can be part of our success story.

We feel every member of our team is just as important as anyone else but, as the founders and owners of Wing Kingz, here are three faces you will come to know very well:

Parm Bhangal

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Parm has built a multi-million-pound empire of successful businesses and development ventures. Having started his first company from the comfort of his bedroom, Parm’s team now takes on projects worth over £3 million, all while founding several other highly profitable brands. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach, and has been personally recognised by a number of leading awarding bodies.

Utilising skills, knowledge and resources perfected over many years, Parm specialises in developing growth strategies and refining processes in the Wing Kingz business model. His passion for producing outstanding results drives sustainable success, ensuring that revenue and profit continues to grow.

Harminder Singh

As a highly successful retail tycoon, Harminder is the founder of the biggest independent menswear retailer in the UK. Beginning the journey with a single high street store, his brand now has permanent residence in the country’s biggest shopping malls, including Westfield Stratford City, Westfield London and the Centre MK in Milton Keynes.

Harminder’s extensive knowledge of the retail sector. and dedication to customer experience, brings invaluable expertise to the Wing Kingz franchise. He is responsible for developing sales generation strategies and implementing continuous innovation to keep the brand one step ahead of the game. Harminder also handles the logistics side of the business, managing the demands of costs and day-to-day operations.

Aaron Murrell

Having specialised in the hospitality industry for many years, Aaron has single-handedly run some of the UK’s most sought-after events and venues. Through mastering the art of successful networking, he has used his background to his advantage, building an impressive portfolio of connections. With a particular interest in sports, Aaron has strong relationships with many leading sporting stars of both past and present, along with well-known faces from the entertainment industry.

Taking a proactive, front-facing approach to his role at Wing Kingz, Aaron is committed to ensuring memorable experiences with every visit. He knows precisely what it takes to deliver five-star hospitality, along with how to perfect advertising and marketing strategies, creating a real buzz around the brand. He actively pursues new opportunities with the continuous goal of taking the Wing Kingz brand to new heights.

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