The Business

Our Mission & Values

Our mission as a business

Behind Wing Kingz is a single objective; to ensure that every customer thoroughly enjoys each and every visit.

Our mission as a franchise

To develop a community of business owners and franchisees who deliver great food and experiences across the hospitality industry. Together, we will build a family that creates magical moments for all of our customers, allowing us to become a household brand name in the UK and drive Wing Kingz forward through great vision and passion.

Our Core Values


We envision Wing Kingz as a family, from our team to our customers, and we strive to build a positive community where everyone feels welcomed.


We remain true to our brand by taking an honest approach, allowing us to build trust and develop loyal relationships with our valued customers.


Consistency is fundamental. Whether it be the quality of our food or the standard of our customer service, we strive always to remain dependable.


Our ability to evolve, adapt to demand and innovate in the industry are some of our key strengths, making creativity incredibly important.

Our Ethics

Having started our journey as a solely independent business venture, we are deeply passionate about supporting our local community. Not only do we use only local food suppliers, but we also partner with local brands to help to increase their revenue by utilising our advertising and marketing exposure.

Along with working closely with businesses, we remain environmentally conscious and actively seek new ways to improve our sustainability. For example, we use only eco-friendly packaging materials, all of which are fully recyclable.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?