The Business

What makes us special?

Wing Kingz offers the perfect social hub, combining a love of sports with a hunger for delicious, American diner-inspired dishes.

No-one does chicken wings as well as we do! With an exciting, customisable menu that caters to every taste, our food is designed to be a flavour sensation for any palate. We show big sporting events, bringing all the great games to big screens, drawing in customers from far and wide.

Both good enough reasons to make any Wing Kingz a fantastic destination, but really that’s just the beginning.

What really makes us stand out is how we make our customers feel

It’s all about creating a vibe, a real sense of destination and the attitude and lifestyle that goes with it. Taking inspiration from American wing diners, we’ve worked hard to create places that are more than just somewhere to get food and watch sports – they’re social hubs full of happy, smiling people from all kinds of backgrounds making the most of their lives.

By offering delicious and tantalising menu choices where customers can choose from a variety of items – including fantastic plant-based options which are just as good as their meat counterparts, if not better – we ensure every customer feels welcome and catered for. Combine this with the huge range of different sports on offer at multiple stations around the restaurant, and anyone and everyone who walks through our doors is made to feel truly special.

By bringing all these elements together in just the right way, we’re offering an experience which is on a whole different level from our competitors.

More than just another chain

We wanted our restaurants to stand out for all the right reasons, which is why there has, and always will be, a heavy focus on quality. Wing Kingz was never designed to be just another dull chain restaurant that serves mediocre food, but instead, a spot where anyone can socialise and enjoy the highest standard of service, thriving on the back of great food, sports and atmosphere. We achieve this by taking an independent approach to running restaurants while still having the power to succeed in large-scale, well-known locations and busy environments.

Which is why we now want you to join us! We want to create the same incredible atmosphere in towns and cities all across the UK.

So, if you have a passion for sports, tasty food, and making customers smile, why not get in touch?