The Opportunity

Why Choose Us?

A tried and tested business model

Going into business for yourself is a hugely rewarding goal, but it isn’t easy. Sadly, most new businesses fail within their first 3 years. By joining an established franchise like Wing Kingz that has already demonstrated the strength and viability of its business model, you can greatly reduce your risk – and maximise your returns!

An Unbeatable headstart

Even with the best business ideas, it takes a long time for a business to really find its feet and start making money. With a Wing Wingz franchise, that groundwork has already been done for you! We’ve already perfected our brand and proven we know exactly what works in terms of attracting customers – and keeping them coming back for more. By becoming our partner, you can bypass all the obstacles and pitfalls new brands face, and hit the ground running with a business pre-packaged for success.

Learn from the very best

By joining our franchise, you will be provided with information, advice and help from leading entrepreneurs in the business. Owned and operated by three highly-successful entrepreneurs who have built several award-winning businesses in multiple sectors, you’ll benefit from decades of proven experience. With their training and support, you’ll learn exactly how to weave together all the elements of a successful, modern Food & Beverage business.

Working for yourself, but never by yourself

Being part of a franchise like Wing Kingz means being part of a larger organisation and all the support and infrastructure that comes with it. You’ll be part of a larger network of like-minded business owners, and will be able to call on their advice and support any time you need it. We will always work hard to point you in the right direction and give you every possible opportunity to grow and succeed.