The Business

Our Story

Born from a love of great food, great company, and great wings!

The Wing Kingz journey is just as exciting and dynamic as its restaurants, each of which is built on a passion and enthusiasm that is truly infectious.

It all began with a simple discussion between three entrepreneurs who each shared a passion for live sports, fantastic food and a vibrant atmosphere. They saw there was a huge gap in the market for a social hotspot in the UK which brought together all three of these elements, and so Wing Kingz was born.

The authentic, distinctive brand our customers now know and love wasn’t created overnight, of course. We’ve never been afraid to put in the hard work needed to make our restaurants truly unique.


Which is why we spent more than six months developing the Wing Kingz business model before we even launched, collaborating with top chefs and recipe developers to perfect the branding and advertising. We also connected with well-known sporting stars to arrange personalised memorabilia, which are now showcased around our flagship Milton Keynes restaurant.

The new restaurant was a huge success, and we are now offering opportunities to like-minded business men and women to take our proven business model and replicate it in their own local communities around the UK.

Why we franchised

The success of Wing Kingz is all about our people. All of our restaurants may work to the same business model, but each one should have its own unique identity and personality.

Which is exactly why we have created this franchise opportunity. We don’t want countless clones of ourselves – we want each town and city to have access to an exciting social hub which can become the heart of the community.

For that, we need people who are as deeply invested and committed as we are, and can bring exactly the right kind of energy and attitude that has already made our existing restaurants so successful. We believe franchising is the best way to do that, which is why we are now in the position to offer you an unbeatable opportunity to build your own successful and rewarding business.