Your Investment

Earning Potential

A Wing Kingz franchise has great potential for bringing you a rapid and substantial return on your investment. Exactly how much you can expect to earn from your franchise can vary a great deal, of course, depending on a variety of factors such as location and the local market.

As part of the process of joining the Wing Kingz franchise, we will work closely with you to develop detailed financial modelling of exactly how much you might earn with your own restaurants, or multi-unit operation. This will take into account potential profit levels based on expected numbers of customers, average customer spend, and operating expenses of a business in your territory.

Once you have signed a non-disclosure agreement, we will also be able to share more in-depth financial data from our current operations.

However, based on our experience to date, you can reasonably expect to be making a six figure income from Year 2, with even higher projections for multi-unit franchise.