When customers head out on the town, they want more than just another restaurant, and Wing Kingz is anything but.

Where else will you find great food, great atmosphere and fantastic sporting events all wrapped up in some serious swagger and style?

And it’s not just a draw for your average punter – even some famous faces are getting in on the action! Wing Kingz Milton Keynes has already become a regular spot for locals, but it’s long since been a haunt for some of sports biggest names, too!

QSRs are the key driving force behind growth in the F&B sector in 2023 and beyond, but there’s one thing that sets the next big winners apart from the competition – customer experience – and Wing Kingz has it by the bucket!

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Where The Customer Is King

Every night is a red carpet event at Wing Kingz, and whether they are a celebrity name or not, every customer is guaranteed the kind of star treatment that will keep them coming back for more.


Seeing is believing, so why not come and visit us at Wing Kingz? We’ll give you a full tour and a flavour of the atmosphere and ambience that really sets this brand apart. You’ll get to sample the menu and find out what everyone is raving about on the socials!

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