Franchisor owned outlets play a really important role in any franchise, not just because they act as a great template for other branches, but also because they act as a proof of concept for the business model as a whole. This is especially the case when they are doing so well, as with Wing Kingz’ flagship restaurant in Milton Keynes.

More and more customers are coming in all the time, and the restaurant has reported sales are up a whopping 11% in Q1 2023 compared to the same quarter last year. With their wide range of sporting events and warm, friendly ambiance, they are seeing a lot of new customers alongside some loyal, repeat business.

On top of that, Wing Kingz consistently list as one of the top 5 take-away options for customers in Milton Keynes on Deliveroo – right up there with all the biggest name brands like McDonalds, Nandos, and KFC.

It just goes to show there is no cost of living crisis when it comes to great food and great atmosphere!

Not just in the community, part of the community

The restaurant is not the only way Wing Kingz has been making a name for itself in the local area. They are also sponsors of the MK Dons football team and are very keen to encourage their franchisees to get involved with local teams and causes, too. For example, why not sponsor a local kid’s team, or a sports therapy charity?

Obviously it’s great to help out others simply because it is a good thing to do, but there are undeniably fantastic business benefits, too. Customers these days pay a lot of attention to how companies behave, and this kind of community engagement can build a huge amount of loyalty, not to mention a really positive profile for the brand in everyone’s minds.

It’s all part of becoming a real social hub in the local area, and a great marketing template for future restaurants.

Also in the news….

Of course, it’s not all hard graft when you own a Wing Kingz restaurant, and the team brought us all some much needed relief with their own April Fools gag earlier this month: The NEW Marmite wing is here! Do you love it or hate it?

The best bit is quite a few people said they’d be willing to give them a go! I’m happy to say that Wing Kingz ISN’T planning to add Marmite Wings to their menu anytime soon, but they do have several new menu items lined up for release soon.

Also, keep an eye out for some big news about 2 new Wing Kingz restaurants opening soon!

Check out Wing Kingz Milton Keynes for yourself!

I’ve been showing quite a few people around Wing Kingz in Milton Keynes lately and seeing it in person really makes a difference, so why don’t we set up a visit for you? You’ll get a much better sense of the style and vibe that has made it so successful and be able to understand a lot better how it might work for you.

You’ll also be able to meet the team and even try out some of the menu for yourself!

If that sounds interesting, get in touch and we can set it up for you. Likewise, if you’ve got any question about this franchise, we are always more than happy to have a chat.