Canterbury may be famous for it’s history, but it’s the future that’s really causing a stir in this stunning Kent city – the newest Wing Kingz is about to drop in a big way and change the Canterbury dining experience forever!

The new site hasn’t even opened yet, but the distinctive Wing Kingz branding is already catching the eye of local residents and setting chins wagging. Locals might still only be able to imagine the treats they have in store when the restaurant opens in early 2024, but one thing is already clear – this is a brand designed to stand out from the crowd.

We visited the new Canterbury team last week, and learnt a bit more about their story and why they chose the Wing Kingz to help them fulfil their dream of owning an exciting and dynamic new restaurant.
You can read their full story here:

Wing Kingz takes the South-East by storm with its newest restaurant

“Wing Kingz is more than just a brand, it’s an experience. It brings something different that hasn’t been done, let alone in Milton Keynes or Canterbury, but in the UK. It’s something that Canterbury needs.”

– Harjeveen, Wing Kingz Canterbury

Through my work with the team at The Franchising Centre, helping brands like Wing Kingz find exactly the right kind of franchisees to join them, I meet all kinds of people, and I am very happy that Harjeveen and his friends fit so perfectly with the brand.



There are more exciting developments brewing for Wing Kingz, with several more restaurants in the pipeline for 2024. Great news for their owners, but remember: every new Wing Kingz that opens is one less territory up for grabs!

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