Another Wing Kingz set to launch in Canterbury!

As the building works start and the restaurant starts to take shape, the lucky people of Canterbury only know that something big is about to drop…. the city’s first ever Wing Kingz restaurant!

Set in a prime, city centre location, the big day is finally in sight for new Wing Kingz franchisees who got the keys to their new premises just a few weeks ago. Restaurants of this calibre don’t just spring up overnight, so there is still a lot to do, but the team are well on their way to a grand launch early in 2024.

“It was the branding that first got my attention – so simple, but such a unique design. As soon as I stepped into the Milton Keynes restaurant, I knew this was exactly what my town was missing. After all the talking, I got to sample some of the food, and that was when I knew I was in!”

– Laurence, Wing Kingz Canterbury

We’ll be following up with Laurence and his partners to see how their getting on, so watch this space for more news soon. However, Canterbury is not the only restaurant we’re going to see open in 2024 – far from it.

This franchise is getting A LOT of attention, and we already have another 5 locations agreed, and several more serious offers in the pipeline, so my advice to you is:


If you’re serious about opening your own Wing Kingz in 2024, don’t be tempted to leave it too long. Not only are you risking losing the territory you have in mind, but you’ve got to remember just how much needs to go into launching a successful restaurant.

You need to find your site, which can take several months at least, and then make sure it is all outfitted and ready to go. Realistically, you’re looking at an absolute minimum of 3-6 months between signing an agreement and opening day.

Which means, if you want to open a restaurant by Summer 2024, you need to get the process started in the next 2 months at the latest.

The first step is as easy as scheduling a call with me. Just click the button at the bottom of this email.

I look forward to hearing from you.